Monday, December 24, 2012

Interview with Ananda Maharjan regarding Nepali font Designs

Portrait of an artist - Ananda Maharjan from Shashank Shrestha on Vimeo.

Fonts - The graphical equivalent of handwriting. Font choice can make or break your design and each font-face is its own work of art. Ananda Maharjan is one of the few Nepali Designers working on producing new fonts in Nepali and most importantly sharing his creations with the world for no charge at all.
we sit down with him to discuss his views and labor of love.
(The first in a series of Profile videos I am doing with Rishi Amatya and Suyog Shrestha.)
Shot with Canon 7D and 50D.
Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6/After Effects CS6
Direction/Editing : Shashank Shrestha/Rishi Amatya
More videos by: Shashank Shrestha:

Download Nepali fonts zip bundle by Ananda:

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